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24st november 2004 -

well i finaly got my password so i can edit ths site, just thought i'd say we are now at

21st June 2003 -

Hey everyone, just wanted to say that the forum will be up when the new design is completed.We will most likely design our own phpbb2 skin for the forum based on the new layout.So we are very optimistic for the future.

8th June 2003 -

...we dont update enough any more, mainly because the site needs a redesign. But enough of that.

Bad News - I havent started the new design, and we havent updated in ages.

Good News - I making the new site very soon, note that I said making and not releasing. I'd give it a month at most, ive got a few other things to worry about first.

21st May 2003 - posted by Gunner6666

good news everyone expect to see a forum in the near future done by exodia our newest member

9th May 2003 - posted by Gunner6666

hey the first link submission from Urbanism his site has some good skins so check out Advance Boy Visuals

9th May 2003 -

2 new skins. One by me called Too Much Rice and one by Synthetic-God called Fusion. They are both good skins, get them from the skins page.

8th May 2003 -

Big plans for the not too distant future. In about 6-8 weeks I will (begin to) re-create this entire website, for the better, pending a acception from Gunner and Shaun. Ill add a Automatic Submission feature, new look and feel, and a better skin browsing system.

7th May 2003 -

Boo. I've uploaded all my skins, for those waiting on your skins to be added, I'm sure that Gunner will add them ASAP. There are 14 skins in all that I have added.

5th May 2003 - posted by Gunner6666

Here's a preview of the new skin page skin preview

if you have suggestions or just don't like it(or do) e-mail me

5th May 2003 -

I finally got around to the e-mail page!

You can now once again submit your own skins!!!

Check the e-mail page for more information and other contact info.

5th May 2003 -

Well Well Well. Here I am. I am now a permanant staff of, just bustling with eagerness to update and such. I also have many skins of my own, but I wont upload them untill wensday, due to software problems (im working with Dreamweaver 3!).

I shall also be making modifications to this site, gradually making it bigger and better.

4th May 2003 - posted by shaunj66

Updated the skins page!! Finally with 9 new skins submitted by YOU guys!

3rd May 2003 - posted by shaunj66

Huge thanks go to mole_incarnate who made us a new flash menu for our menu, and our thingy in the top right! Check them out! If you are having problems with our site regarding the menus then make sure you update or get the latest version of Flash player for your browser. Click here for more information.

And as for the actual skin pages and the rest of this site, they will be added shortly! Check back soon!

27th April 2003 - posted by shaunj66

Website finally online! Many pages not complete!

24th April 2003 - posted by shaunj66

Welcome to the new look (best viewed at 1024x768 and internet explorer/mozilla)! We have merged websites with the both popular and! we are now one single website and will be hosting all of our and your skins here!
You can still submit your own skins and we can host them for you, (remember to include a brief description of the skin and a original name for it). You can e-mail the skins to us, find out how to contact us on the e-mail page (link of the left)!
Any comments about the new website? Any design comments or faults? Let us know about it! contact us!

23rd April 2003 - posted by shaunj66

Website in development! Please check back soon!