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NewsBruiser is a simple but full-featured weblog management system. It is almost entirely self-contained, requiring nothing but Python (1.5.2 or greater) and SSI (optional) to be happy.


  • Multiple password-protected notebooks
  • Category tree per notebook
  • Multiple authors per notebook
  • Web-based add, edit, search, and configure
  • Easy URL-addressibility of entries (by day, month, year, or individual entry)
  • Entry permalinks
  • Simple per-notebook themes using CSS (plus minimal non-CSS themes)
  • A simple templating system for when CSS isn't enough
  • Update notification to or other aggregator
  • RSS syndication
  • Easily extendable (includes sample SSI scripts)
  • Simple to operate (my mother uses it)

For a more thorough feature list, and to see how NewsBruiser stacks up against other weblog software, see BlogComp (here's NewsBruiser's entry).

Antifeatures [0]


Download the latest release of NewsBruiser here, or get the current CVS tree here.


Documentation comes with NewsBruiser, but you can also read it online.


Here are some screenshots of NewsBruiser 1.4.0 running on my personal site.

Case studies

The following weblogs are known to run NewsBruiser:

If you run NewsBruiser, take pride! Add to the bottom of your page a tasteful text link to, or use one of these elegant buttons: [eye] [girl] [typewriter]. Also let me know so that I can add your weblog to that list.

Further Development

See the rather sparse TODO. I don't have any plans for further development beyond what's in there (though somehow I keep adding features). However, I wrote NewsBruiser to be easy and fun to hack, so please implement your cool ideas and send me your changes so they can be folded into the main source tree.

[0] Jason Robbins introduced me to the concept of antirequirements, a list of behaviors which the software is not to exhibit. Since requirements are turned into features, it follows that antirequirements are turned into antifeatures.